Alumni Programs for lifetime support

Engaging alumni wherever they are on their recovery journey.

  Insurance Accepted 

Alumni Programs for lifetime support

Engaging alumni wherever they are on their recovery journey.

  Insurance Accepted 


All Gateway Foundation treatment centers
are accredited by the Joint Commission.™


All Gateway Foundation treatment centers are accredited by the Joint Commission.™

A lifelong connection.


1. DASA Quality Results

Evidence-based, person-centered treatment for drug dependence and alcoholism is core to recovery. Without it, recovery can’t truly take hold. But treatment at Gateway Foundation doesn’t end with graduation. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

Gateway Foundation doesn’t just save lives—it offers the opportunity for lifelong success, providing alumni with ongoing access to the support structures developed during treatment and building on the strong foundation created within recovery.

Recovery is a lifelong process that requires continued focus, support and commitment. Our alumni benefit from ongoing alumni support, social activities and educational programming to help empower and support recovery, for life.

Each Gateway Foundation graduate, and every member of their family, is encouraged to take advantage of our ongoing support programs—available at every Gateway Foundation treatment center—to cultivate the relationships that will last a lifetime.

Get Involved

One of the best ways you can support lasting recovery is to stay involved in the Recovery Community. From alumni meetings and recovery support group gatherings to speaker jams and community events, there are many opportunities to help others who wrestle with substance abuse issues. Supporting others in recovery is a great way to promote your own recovery efforts, as well. Assisting others keeps you grounded and creates opportunities to reconnect with counselors if needed.

9 examples of easy and fulfilling ways to volunteer:

  • Speak at a graduation ceremony.

  • Share your story with patients and encourage them to be involved in an recovery program.

  • Coordinate a holiday dinner.

  • Run support groups.

  • Help with set-up, decorating and cleanup for alumni special events.

  • Share with alumni coordinators creative event ideas that would be fun and supportive of people in recovery.

  • Hand out flyers about upcoming recovery events at local AA/NA meetings.

  • Promote recovery events at local Recovery Homes.

  • Come to Gateway Foundation on a day other than an alumni meeting day to sit with a few patients to discuss their Relapse Prevention Plans.


The science of addiction tells us just how important it is for individuals in recovery to have access to their support network when they’re feeling overwhelmed or tempted to use.

In 2017, the FDA approved mobile apps to treat addiction, and early studies have demonstrated positive outcomes. Along with many other physicians, healthcare providers, insurance carriers and healthcare systems, Gateway Foundation has integrated mobile apps into our care models.

During treatment, our counselors work with patients to learn how to use myStrength, a premier digital mental health app that provides access to evidence-based resources for behavioral health and overall well-being. Our alumni can then take their support network with them. Anywhere their iPhone, iPad or Android device goes, their critical network can go too.

Gateway Foundation understands that when you leave our treatment center your path to recovery does not end. We have a position dedicated to be a point person for our alumni as they navigate recovery outside of our treatment center walls.

Marty Cook

Marty Cook joined Gateway Foundation in 2017 to help program alumni connect with each other and the larger Recovery Community after treatment. Marty has worked in public affairs for over 20 years, supporting the Chicago Police Department and local elected officials with innovative community outreach campaigns. As a person in long-term recovery himself, Marty used his passion for helping others in recovery to found The Maine Township Recovery Connection, a program that brings together healthcare, government and social service agencies to assist young adults in recovery. The program was named the model for community-based recovery programs and was awarded the 2017 Innovative Program and Best Overall Program by the Township Officials of Illinois.

Marty earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from DePaul University.


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